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Axinom DRM

Our product suite Axinom DRM is designed to protect assets with all major DRM technologies like Widevine, PlayReady, Fairplay and others. It can be used to encrypt content, manage usage rights, and issue licenses to end user devices in a connected or disconnected aircraft. The Axinom DRM in-flight service is designed specifically for delivery in aircraft, taking into account the relevant industry standards and security considerations. Axinom DRM needs no connectivity to the Internet, has Minimal CPU/RAM requirements, can run in an virtual environment, supports persistent licenses and OPL settings as well as progressive download.


Axinom integrates the major encoders for video on demand and live streaming scenarios like Envivio, Harmonic, and others to ensure best quality for adaptive streaming technologies like mpeg-dash, smooth streaming, HLS and HTTP streaming.


Maximize efficiency with an easy-to-use and comprehensive Axinom CMS interface for ad building, budgeting, testing and deployment. Take advantage of the analytic data to acquire high-value customers and drive ROI with optimization algorithms. The real-time and lifetime performance can be analysed on various parameters with interactive tools, customizable dashboards and a powerful reporting API.


(Big) Data is at the core of our media analytic solution, delivering insights that ensure sustainable and profound decisions. Optimize content acquisition and application functionality, and drive tighter engagement by delivering targeted content to passengers. Deliver highly personalized content based on passenger behaviour.


The Axinom CMS is our intuitive workflow based asset and content management system. It is fully customizable and can be adapted to your individual workflow needs. The main workflows consist of airline management (fleets, compartments, personalisation, …), asset management (videos, audios, e-books, newspapers, audio books ...), content management (editorial content such as airport guides, about pages ...), navigation management (IFE navigation structure and appearance ...), e-commerce Management, build and update management.


E-Readers are designed to simplify the integration of books, magazines, comics and other e-paper content into on-board entertainment systems. Different formats and different platforms will be aligned to one. E-Reader solutions focus on the specific challenges of disconnected environments and integration of passenger devices.


Axniom has a comprised teams of experts in broadcast and software engineering. We understand the end to end process for delivering live video, from content acquisition to the viewer experience. Over the past ten years Axinom has tackled the challenges to improve the multiscreen live video workflow, helping our customers meet the surge in consumer demand for live video on all of their connected devices. We understand the top challenges to expand live video content over satellite or air to ground connections to aircrafts and passenger devices.


In-flight connectivity enables internet services, content updates for entertainment and business solutions as well as live TV. The Axinom CMS manages connectivity services to optimize the value of your investment and to ensure the best possible passenger experience.


The in-flight server is the center piece of each entertainment solution on board of an aircraft. Each IFE server subjects various restrictions and has to perform the center task of the on board system. The main tasks are the Server-client communication, the client authentication and personalization, the connection to receive public announcements and flight information, handling connectivity that enables content updates, transfer of data collected during flight, or update of electronic crew information.


A cabin management system can increase the performance of your crew on board. It can be used for customer relationship management (e.g. seat upgrade, personalization ...) or to control cabin related settings such as the cabin light, cabin temperature, lavatory music, and so on. It is also the center part to maintain the entertainment system available on board.


While today’s IFEs typically offer some kind of control unit, the passenger already has a personal device and it can be a perfect fit for such a unit. Typical parameters which could be controlled are, volume, brightness, playback control, reading light, flight attendant call, game controller, seat control virtual keyboard, navigation and others. Using PED as a 2nd screen device is pretty common nowadays in a living room. People watch TV and have a tablet in the hands which they use to lookup additional information or for social interactions during the show. On the aircraft passenger can use their device for content browsing, chatting, shopping or any other IFE functionality while watching a movie on the in-seat display.


One of the main extensions and differentiators between in-seat and wireless IFE is the obvious fact that wireless passenger applications on personal devices work also on ground. The interoperation of the Axinom portfolio with cloud services offers a solution that allows companies to focus on their brand and core values, while Axinom cloud services take care of delivering on-ground services like personalization, payment and protected, seamless, media delivery to their audiences.

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